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Daily Leash Dog Walking in Holliston, MA

Daily Leash Dog Walking serves some of the most adored puppies in the communities of Holliston, Hopkinton, Ashland, Sherborn, Medway, Milford, Mansfield, and Uxbridge. If you believe your dog’s needs are too complex, call us! We may have seen this problem before.

We are very appreciative of Mary Anne’s availability and flexibility, as well. She’s reachable and responsive–I am so grateful to be able to connect with her if I am stuck and have to text a doggie SOS from underneath a conference table. She has provided some housesitting services when we’re all out of town, as well, and it’s great for us to know that someone familiar with our house (what’s normal, what looks weird) is checking on it.

Thank you, Mary Anne! ^..^


We can’t say enough about Mary Anne and her team. We had two dogs, Diesel an American Bulldog, and Vincent a Lab/Pit mix. Needless to say, these are big dogs that need to be walked and cared for when we are not home. My husband and I both work full-time and have a four-year-old daughter. We looked online and called Mary Anne, who responded quickly and came to meet our buddies. It has been AMAZING ever since. We have had a crazy year and every time we need them, Mary Anne and her team are RIGHT there.
Jaime F.

We use Daily Leash— they’re great. They walked our 14 yr old yellow lab until he passed away last year. Concerned and empathetic. We now have them for our new pup. Taryn G. We use Daily Leash and they have been amazing – and our dog has some challenges. They are great about flexible schedules as well.

Alison C.

My husband and I purchased a puppy on a whim and on Easter weekend. We both work full time and when I realized what I had done and how neither of us could possibly take our new puppy to work I frantically got on line to research dog walking companies. Daily leash was one of the first I tried and we have never looked back. Mary Anne the owner was incredibly prompt in her response and actually came out on Easter Sunday to visit us and our new puppy to discuss her services. I knew instantly I had found my puppy the best!!! In the last year, I could not be happier with her services. Her employees are incredibly knowledgeable, caring, passionate, and flexible and most importantly they love what they do and love animals. Not only have they been our puppy’s dog walker, but they have also become our friends. It has not been uncommon for me to e-mail them in a panic when something was wrong with our puppy or I just had a training question and they have a response to me that very same day. I am ALWAYS confident that when I am at work, my puppy is receiving the best care possible. I trust them all 100%. I would HIGHLY, and have, recommended Daily Leash for all your pet needs or services!!!
Sheryl B.

Amazing! I used this service (and this type of service) for the first time for my young puppy – the visits were tailored to her needs and I feel Marilyn went above and beyond my expectations! The contact with Maryanne the owner were timely and comforting. I highly recommend this company!
Kenwyn L.

Murphy’s excited about his next visit with Paige. She also brought in a package from the rain – above and beyond!
Michelle H.

We have two large Italian Mastiffs which were always hard to leave in doggie daycares as they never settled. We found Mary Anne online and she came over to introduce herself to us and our dogs. The dogs immediately loved her, we could tell. Our female dog usually doesn’t go up to people she first meets but she was willing to let Mary Anne pet her and I could tell it was a good fit. Every time we go on vacation or away for a couple of nights, we contact Mary Anne and she is always available. Our dogs always seem very content when we come home. We know we can trust Mary Anne with our bigger dogs- I know many people who wouldn’t even consider looking after our dogs because of the way they look and how big they are, but Mary Anne feels so comfortable with them, which makes us feel comfortable leaving them with her. She communicates well with us when we are gone, which makes me feel better knowing our dogs are in good hands when we are away- sometimes overseas. We highly recommend Daily Leash for all your pet needs!!
Helen. H.

Our cats love Marilyn! This service is great as they are as professional as you can get.
James S.

Mary Anne is experienced and we were confident after meeting her that our three labs would get loving attention and not be too much for them to handle. Also, when we returned from being away we could tell the dogs were NOT stressed! They were happy to see us, but had gotten attention and enough outside time to relax!
Mary S.

Lauren and Paige are wonderful. I rest easy knowing they’re coming on Thursday and Friday to take good care of Buddy during their visit.
Marie D.

We are so lucky to have Mary Anne on our K9 care team! Our boy is sensitive and easily frightened, but Mary Anne’s extensive experience and understanding won him over quickly…he loves her visits and we love knowing that we can call on her for support in taking care of Junior. Especially on those extra-busy days in the office when there isn’t a moment to spare and we get home long after dark, it’s wonderful for us not to worry about whether the boy has had enough scratches and playtime: if Mary Anne has visited, he’s ALL SET! Exercised, happy, and ready for the evening.

Daily Leash is the BEST dog walking service around! When I come home after a long day, my dogs are relaxed and have been well taken care of thanks to Mary Anne and her wonderful crew! I can’t recommend them more highly!
Fabra S.

They take such good care of our dog. Lots of fun and attention for her. I couldn’t be more pleased!
Cathy N.

Daily Leash Dog Walking is great. Paige and Jill take such great care of my dogs.
John S.