Cupid is on the prowl and puppy love is in the air at Daily Leash Dog Walking. In the spirit of celebrating the love and special bonds we share with our four-legged friends, weve compiled a delightful collection of punny dog valentines, featuring some of our sweetest clients, to inspire and entertain you this Valentine’s Day. Get ready to wag your tail and flutter your heart as we unleash a plethora of adorable and pun-tastic expressions, perfect for celebrating love with your furry companions!

1. Valentine, you are PUP-FECTION!

(Featuring Stanley, the Corgi)

2. Valentine, I think you’re LABRADOR-ABLE!

(Featuring Davis, the Black Labrador)

3. Paw-lease say you’ll be my Valentine?

(Featuring Rooney, the Boxer puppy)

4. Loving you is Poodles of fun, Valentine!

(Featuring Monte, the Standard Poodle)

5. No bones about it, I dig you, Valentine!

(Featuring Sierra, the Bernese Mountain Dog)

6. If they lined up all the chew toys in the world, I’d chews you, Valentine.

(Featuring Bowie, the Golden Retriever)

7. You are paw-sitively wonder-fur, Valentine!

(Featuring Addie, the Spinone Italiano)

8. Let’s be valentines fur-ever and ever!

(Featuring Marshmello, the Pomeranian)

9. I’m mutts about you, Valentine!

(Featuring Luna, the Maltese Mix)

10. Woof you be mine?

(Featuring Bode, the Collie)